Watts of Love is preparing to serve those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Please consider helping us provide light and assistance to those that lost so much. We have proudly provided post-hurricane assistance in Texas and Puerto Rico. Support our work to provide light when and where it is needed most. A $50 donation covers the cost of manufacturing and distributing a high-quality, sustainable solar LED light. All funds raised will be used to aide those affected by Hurricane Florence or other disaster relief efforts. ©2018 satellite photo courtesy NOAA

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How do we know access to lighting is so important in disasters? Watch this feature video form CBS SUNDAY MORNING titled: When disaster relief brings anything but relief. 

Many of the items we Americans donate in times of disaster turn out to be of no use to those in need. Sometimes, they even get in the way of humanitarian workers doing their job under difficult circumstances. Scott Simon of NPR reports on the useless, often incomprehensible contributions that constitute what aid workers call "the second disaster." #CBSNEWS #CBSSUNDAYMORNING

feature photo by NASA on Unsplash