At Watts of Love, we believe in the power of light and technology and how it can transform peoples lives. By putting down your cell phone and stepping away from social media through Go Dark Give Light, you’ll be helping us spread the gift of light and safety around the world.

There are other benefits to stepping away from the phone for a bit. We wanted to provide you with some additional facts and resources that shine a spotlight on the reality that we need to find a balance between our devices and interacting with people and the world around us.





26% of car accidents are caused by phone usage (Marie Fincher, 2016).

50% of people feel uneasy when they have to go somewhere without their phone (Marie Fincher, 2016).

Facebook depression is a term coined by researchers to define the depression associated with excessive social media use (

Teens who spend 5 hrs on devices are 71% more likely to have suicide risk factors than those with 1 hr use (Bank My Cell, 2019).

Adults are far more willing to give up everyday activities (toothbrush, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, shoes) if it means they can keep their screens (TeleNav, Inc., 2011).

People touch their phones an average of 2,617 times per day, or 1 million per year (King University).

Excessive use of technology may impact your ability to regulate emotions, remember certain events, and pay attention, which would impact how you communicate with people. (Kirk Erickson, Ph.D.).

The cramping, stabbing pain in your neck that comes after looking down at your phone is called “text neck.” It can lead to poor posture and can affect your spine, respiratory functions and even emotions (CNN, 2012).

Nomophobia (NO MObile PHOne phoBIA): the fear of not having one’s device (CNN, 2017).

The brains of young people diagnosed with internet addiction show significantly less gray matter, which is associated with planning, decision-making, and impulse control (Common Sense Media, 2018).



“When you’re on your phone while talking to someone else, you’re essentially saying that they are not as important as literally anything else that could come to me through this device” - Renny Gleeson

“Unplugging my ethernet cable was like turning off a life support machine” - Sam (Canada)

“Going dark for a day has forever changed my perspective on how I will view the world.” -K.M. (West Aurora High School student)