Ditch your device to light up a life.

What does it mean to ditch your device?

This Thanksgiving, Watts of Love challenges you and your family to turn your cell phones off for Thanksgiving dinner. Sit, talk and be present with your family and friends for one complete meal. Eliminate the distractions of social media posts, text messages, notifications and phone calls.

By GOING DARK and turning off your cell phone you will help raise awareness to the 1.1 billion people that live without light and electricity.


How can you get involved? Go Dark.

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Step 1

Click here to create and customize your personal fundraising page in minutes.


Step 2

Send your campaign link to friends, family and followers. Explain your plan to go dark and ask them to support you by making a contribution. Donations will be used to deliver solar lights to those without electricity.


Step 3

Use the Go Dark Toolbox to update your social media profiles and announce your involvement. You can create your own post or use one of our suggested posts. Remember to include a link to your fundraising page.


Step 4

Before Thanksgiving inform others that you are GOING DARK to raise donations and awareness.

Help spread the message and encourage others to GO DARK.


Ready to join Go Dark Give Light?

Click the button below to set up your fundraising page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum I have to raise?

$50 is our suggested minimum per participant because that’s all it takes to give a light to a family living in darkness.

How will the funds be used?

Watts of Love provides solar lights to families who are living in darkness around the world. We focus on the areas that need it most and provide international disaster relief where necessary.

All GO DARK GIVE LIGHT donors receive email updates after our distribution trips to see how their contributions are making a difference.

Does Watts of Love have additional educational resources for students and groups?

Yes. Explore our site and check out our Additional Resources for downloadable content that sheds additional light on the issue and how we’re trying to fix it. GO DARK GIVE LIGHT is a perfect fit for solar science units and “Screen-Free” initiatives.

Are all donations tax-deductible?

Everyone who donates to the GO DARK GIVE LIGHT campaign online or via check will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Watts of Love is a registered 501©3 charitable organization.

More questions?

More answers can be found in the additional FAQs section of our informational packet for student groups.