When disaster strikes, Watts of Love's mission is to equip and mobilize disaster response teams and victims on the ground to allow them to have light as they respond to the crisis and disaster on a local, regional and international scale. The light will allow them to carry out the critical and necessary operations to survive, and to rebuild until electricity can be restored. All funds raised will be used to support disaster relief where needed most.


When disaster strikes and power is not available, light is critical for safety, security, and for being productive after the sun goes down. Watts of Love is able to aid in relief efforts by providing solar headlamps to families and solar lights with cell phone charging capabilities to leaders who are serving the community to ensure they are equipped to do their job. We provide priority to first responders and affected individuals that were impacted the most dramatically (as identified by local relief organizations).

We share love by bringing physical and emotional relief to those affected by natural disasters. Our desire is to give light and hope in the darkness. We want to light the darkness in the places and for the people that have experienced great tragedy and loss.