Chicago Non-Profit Watts of Love Aims to Send 10,000 Solar Lanterns to Devastated Philippines

Disaster ReliefLombard, Illinois (November 11, 2013)—To help Filipinos devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, Watts of Love has launched an emergency disaster relief campaign to deliver as many as 10,000 solar LED lanterns to the Philippines. A donation of $40 will cover the cost of one disaster relief light and power kit with a built-in cell phone charger and radio charger.

Watts of Love, an international non-profit dedicated to improving living and economic conditions by bringing safe and renewable solar lighting to those without access to electricity, is working with local Filipino partners, including construction giant DMCI Holdings, to supply lights to those in need. Watts of Love made its first “light drop” in the Philippines in February, 2013 when it distributed 1,000 solar LED lanterns on Ilin Island off the coast of San Jose.

Solar-Powered LED Power Kit“So many Filipinos lived without electricity and in desperate poverty even before Typhoon Haiyan, and now what little they had has been swept away,” says Watts of Love Founder Nancy Economou. “While the scale of destruction is enormous and it will take years to rebuild, we can make a real impact very quickly by providing lights. Solar lights offer a critical path for first, surviving, and then, improving lives.”

On Ilin Island, residents used solar lights to make bamboo skewers and sew at night as well as start micro-businesses to charge cell phones. The lights replaced costly and dangerous kerosene-fueled lights, which are highly flammable and emit toxic fumes. A study by the PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc. found 500 rural Filipinos spent 28% of their limited income on kerosene for lighting. After switching to solar lights, the same households reduced their kerosene consumption and expenditure by 72%.

The Watts of Love lights are durable and versatile, using high-output light emitting diodes (LEDs) and Li-ion rechargeable batteries. They come with four settings, with one charge lasting up to 100 hours on the lowest setting. Importantly, the lanterns also have ports for charging cell phones and radios and a 4” x 4” solar panel for charging.

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Families may spend up to 65% of their income on candles and kerosene. United Nations Development Program

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